Simple workstreaming solution

cover image for Simple workstreaming solution reporting interface, a simple workstreaming service has launched this week. Workstreaming means utilizing micro-blogging services to keep your colleagues aware of what you're doing. This helps with coordinating geographically dispersed teams of web workers.

As part of redesigning our processes, our company has been looking for a workstreaming solution. While private channels support in Jaiku would probably be the best option, we will now be testing for our needs.

Here is a quick overview of the first launched version of

The good:

  • Simple, pleasant user interface
  • Tagging support (including machine tags), which means we can connect entries with Ajatus tags
  • Email reminders for managerial review of entries
  • Excel export of work reports

The bad:

  • Users can be either managers or employees, not both. Managers don't have work to report?
  • User's own log entries and log entries of colleagues are shown separately
  • User can only belong to one organization. No multiple teams or projects

The ugly:

  • No API
  • No RSS feeds
  • No XMPP support