Iran and the possible march to war

Defense policies of Finland on whether we should join the NATO aside, I just hope I never will have to write a blog post like this:

Random scenes that come to my mind: the very brilliant people (who usually are very sensitive) will get hot and go to war voluntarily and get killed. Several others who are scared of war and the draft/conscription will hide (or get hidden by worrisome moms) at home and will not see the light of day for months. The borders will be closed. There will be refugess to countries like Afghanistan and Turkmenistan who used to send refugess the other way around, to Iran… The effects would be irreversible.

It may be so sad for observers, but it will be hell for us random free software developers who will not be able to leave the country once the Iranian government declares a state of war (even if it’s only one simple rocket from Israel, with no US involvement).

And unfortunately, it may be that the clock is ticking.