Getting closer to Windows

For years there has been talk of getting Microsoft Windows supported in Midgard CMS. Now the situation seems to be progressing, being lead by Daniel S. Reichenbach from Best off. As most production websites are run on Unix, why are we interested in running Midgard on Windows? The Motivation part of mRFC 0011: Midgard on Windows Platform replies:

Having Midgard available for the Windows platform would lower the barrier of entry into the project. Web developers could easily check the system out by installing it on their desktops and smaller companies could run their Intranets with MidCOM or OpenPSA installed on their Windows-based file or print servers.

In addition to server usage, the Windows port would ensure that Midgard is available on all major desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). This would bring interesting possibilities with replication, including offline usage of Midgard-based business applications like OpenPSA.

With the new mRFC, the situation sounds quite promising. Some key quotes from my chat with Daniel:

bergie (13:30:52): dsrbo: BTW, there has been win32 discussion again on midgard-user. Where did that thing end up in the end?
dsrbo (13:32:13): that ended on my win32 partition i've not used for months now :( although it could be patched to work again with little changes
bergie (13:32:42): so it actually works?
tarjei (13:33:06): cool
dsrbo (13:33:19): the project workspaces for visual studio need some updates, and this should be it.
... dsrbo (13:38:06): we could have one installer with apache2, php4 plus midgard and all apps done, it's just a matter if time. write a draft what you would like to have included in a midgard win32 distribution and make it mRFC, then I can implement it by the book :-)
bergie (13:40:22): dsrbo: what kind of schedule do you think would be possible?
dsrbo (13:42:39): bergie: I will be busy with earning money until 21st Dec. Afterwards I have two weeks time for such a thing. So, if you can draft a complete mRFC until then, I could make it my new years present

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