Get a preview of the next Midgard content repository

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MidgardCRMidgard 10.12 was released last week as a developer preview of what is coming in the world of content repositories:

MidgardCR 10.12 "Hrungnir" is a technology preview of the third generation of the Midgard Content Repository. It is released to allow developers to gain familiarity with the upcoming Midgard storage APIs and RDF storage.

MidgardCR is available as a GObject-oriented C library with language bindings for multiple languages including Python, JavaScript, Scheme and Java through GObject Introspection.

Content managed in MidgardCR can be stored to multiple relational databases supported by the GNOME Database Abstraction Library. Databases tested with MidgardCR include SQLite, MySQL and Postgres.

While this might not be something for production use, especially on the web as the GObject Introspection bindings for PHP5 aren't done yet, it ought anyway to be interesting to developers. Suddenly you have a full content repository that can not only store regular content, but also RDF triples. And this with pretty much any programming language you would like to use.

The new MidgardCR is also interesting in the sense that it has been written in Vala instead of straight C, making it more accessible for potential contributors. Grab the project from GitHub or install to your favorite distribution. And stay tuned for more Midgard announcements later this winter.

Thanks to Andreas Nilsson for the MidgardCR logo.

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