Free Software Foundation Europe in Finland

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Free Software Foundation Europe, has recently expanded by the addition of a Finnish country team. FSFE is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring software freedom, which is an important building block in an open information society.

The current Finnish team includes Otto Kekäläinen of VALO-CD, the distribution of free software applications for Windows as the country coordinator, and Henri Bergius of Midgard as the deputy coordinator. Timo Jyrinki from Ubuntu Finland is the translation coordinator. Here you can see the team in a recent info event organized together with the Finnish Linux User Group and TKO-äly:


While COSS is already doing important work for free software in Finland, FSFE amends that agenda by providing focus on the freedom of software and citizen-level participation.

If you're interested in contributing to software freedom, start by joining the Fellowship of the FSFE. You can also contact us at and find out more about what is happening in Finland in the field of free software by following the website.