Finding resources automatically in OpenPsa

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We rolled the initial Project Broker user interface into OpenPsa 2 with Rambo yesterday. Since we were on schedule we went to work in the countryside where we wouldn’t be disturbed. Fireplace, a bit of snow, and no Internet connection make it a perfect place for a coding sprint.

Ingels covered in early snow

The idea of the Project Broker is to be a DBE service that automatically looks for potential subcontractors in the Fada P2P network. Matching criteria include competence tags, schedule and endorsements given by other members of the network. In addition to DBE, the same searches also work inside a single OpenPsa installation enabling automatic scheduling and resourcing of tasks:

Selecting project schedule from available time slots

Another change we rolled in was a reworked hour reporting system to the OpenPsa front page. There are now two ways to report hours: by manually entering them using a composite widget, or by letting OpenPsa keep the time for you selecting what you are working on:

Hour reporting on the front page