Filesystem-enabled MidCOM-template now available

Testing the new filesystem-enabled version of MidCOM is now easier than ever, with the new forked and fs-enabled version of midcom-template:

  1. Get fs-midcom from CVS
  2. Install the new fs-enabled midcom-template from CVS
  3. Install fs-midcom under /usr/share/pear/midcom
    Note: you can change this path from /midcom-admin/settings
  4. Symlink the static directory to your DocumentRoot. For example:
    ln -s /usr/share/pear/midcom/static /var/websites/www.ruutukuningatar.net_80/html-data/midcom-static

...and you're done. My site now runs this new midcom-template. The transition was very easy.

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