Contribute your Maemo ideas via Brainstorm

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Bugzilla isn't really the best place for contributing and discussing new ideas for a software project. Like Ubuntu and openSUSE before us, the Maemo community now also has a better tool for this: Maemo Brainstorm.

Maemo Brainstorm, developed as part of our efforts to the April 09 Sprint is a new web service that follows the model of Drupal's IdeaTorrent, but with a particular Maemo flavor.

Users can propose new ideas:

Maemo Brainstorm: propose a new idea

Users can also comment and propose solutions for ideas:

Maemo Brainstorm: proposed solutions

The ideas then enter "Sandbox", from where moderators can put them through the Brainstorm workflow:

Maemo Brainstorm: Edit idea

Maemo Brainstorm: Idea status

After voting, popular ideas may then be chosen to be implemented by a team of moderators.

In addition to normal IdeaTorrent-like functionality as described in the Task page on Maemo Wiki, there are some adaptations for the environment, including:

  • Posting popular or implemented ideas will give Karma to the user (and posting duplicates will take it away)
  • Promoting and demoting solutions, or commenting an idea will give Karma to the user
  • The system follows the new Maemo visual style everywhere
  • Users and permissions are managed using normal Midgard groups system

Some work is still being done on Brainstorm, including a dedicated search for this area of the site. In the meanwhile, please go and submit your favorite ideas, and vote for the ideas others have submitted. You can also follow the categories you're interested in via their RSS feeds, or the progress of your own ideas via the Dashboard.

And be sure to report any issues or ideas you have about Brainstorm itself!

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