OSCOM's Challenge Loop

One often forgotten aspect in OSCOM is that involvement in the process forces CMSs to evolve through a set of positive challenges.

For example, the Midgard RSS aggregator used to suck until there was proposal that Planet OSCOM could be implemented with another solution. This lead me to improve the aggregator to a level where it works acceptably well.

From #oscom:
daveb: darn! doesn't seem to have category-level feeds. I'll have to fix that.
gregor: hehe
gregor: i like how this forces us all to improve our wares
gregor: ask bergie sometime
bergie: well, there is always the challenge mentality in positive sense.
bergie: "Fix your solution or I'll implement it with *my* CMS"

Similar challenge from Bob Doyle to implement the OSCOM 3 site with skyWriter was what lead us to the Frankenstein CMS concept in the first place.

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