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Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit 2010

Benjamin Bayart, FDN: effects of the Internet are subject to Newtonian laws of reaction and counter-reaction. Compare printing press vs. copying monks to RIAA today
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Unitasking and the desktop

Last spring I wrote about the improvements in focus you get from single-tasking mobile and tablet environments where everything practically runs as full-screen. I quoted Om Malik: In many ways, the iPad's lack of multitasking ability makes it worthy of focusing on just the task at hand. In my brief usage of the device at the time of its unveiling,...

Open Source is more than just code dumps

Great quote from Matt Asay's analysis of what went wrong with the opening of Symbian: Open source isn’t a one-time announcement, coupled with a code drop. It’s exceptionally hard, ongoing work that requires equal parts evangelism, programming, and customer success stories to keep developers believing that their work matters. This is very much in line with what I wrote about...
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Application quality assurance in Linux distributions

We had a session about application QA in last weekend's GSoC Mentor Summit. I explained how the Maemo Downloads approval process works in a completely open, crowdsourced way. This differs from many distributions where approval of new packages involves obscure decisions and secret handshakes. Some guidelines: Separate your core distribution and application packages Approval process should have three layers: development,...

MVC without the M

The (¬M)VC post gives some ideas how to improve the Midgard MVC - Content Repository interface.

How to be a designer

Aza Raskin on how to be a designer:

The web and the free desktop

Some days ago I ran into an interesting comment in a review of the Ubuntu 10.10, released yesterday: in an era where you can do 90 percent of your work through a browser window, Ubuntu needs polish, usability, compatibility, and a likable look and feel more than anything. With Windows 7, Microsoft's dominant OS is no longer the big, obvious...