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Embrace and extend

I’m getting worried about Google. Long one of the champions of the open web alongside Mozilla, the rise of social networking silos and the app economy seem to have scared them. And like any scared organism, they lash out.

Implement LDAP servers in JavaScript

Implement LDAP servers in JavaScriptI’m quite excited about this. LDAP has always been an interesting protocol, but with rather complicated implementations.

Contract-based CoffeeScript

Contract-based CoffeeScriptVery interesting fork of CoffeeScript that allows you to do programming by contract. Simple example which specify that a function takes a number as argument, and also returns a number:
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Why the tablet form factor is winning

The press is writing a lot about a "post-PC ecosystem" these days, and while many dismiss tablets as simple toys, I think the world of computing is undergoing a major shift. Tablets may not be good for writing, but they are good, probably better than PCs for a lot of other things. And it turns out, people want to be...
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Nemein and Infigo merge to create a digital agency focused on web and mobile

Yesterday the contracts were signed to acquire Infigo as part of Nemein. Infigo, is a consulting company focused on mobile development and web using open source tools. You'll probably at least know their CTO, Jerry of the USB finger fame. Even in the ten years of history of our company this is quite a significant move - it allows us to combine Nemein's traditional expertise on...

Flow-based programming for PHP

You may have seen my earlier post about NoFlo, the flow-based programming tool I’ve written for Node.js. It allows you to do quite cool stuff, like a visually controlled web server:

Symfony2 for Midgard Developers

We hosted a full-day Symfony2 workshop for some of the Finnish Midgard developer community today. As I've written before, Midgard is now transitioning to Symfony2 as our PHP web framework of choice, and this workshop was organized to support that. Symfony2 for Midgard Developers View more presentations from Henri Bergius Subjects discussed included: Symfony2 as a central PHP ecosystem Basic...