This is the New Nemein

While the new visuals are nice, the even bigger change is in the information architecture. Much of the site is now driven by our internal IT systems, including the automatically updated client lists and news postings.

The publication of the new site marks the final stages of Nemein's transformation from a venture-funded proprietary software company to an Open Source consultancy. Now we focus more on our client cases and the possibilities of the Midgard technology instead of our product portfolio.

Nemein team members are also given their own voice on the site through weblogs and shared bookmarks. In addition, some previously confidential information like our standard pricing and internal IT policy is now publicly available.

In the other news, Torben has now started implementing MidCOM filesystem migration, as mandated by the recently passed mRFC 0006. I've already seen a running system of the new filesystem-based MidCOM code, and it seems substantially faster. Next interesting thing will be to get actual Siege results and see how the component migration will be actually done.

Updated 2004-11-04: Kaukola has now started testing the filesystem MidCOM version, and apparently it is easy to integrate to midcom-template. Cool! It starts to look like I was right to endorse this approach.