Sonera kills Web SMS?

For some odd reason, Sonera decides to stop supporting the MTN free SMS service.

Due to general updating of my homepages, I decided today to check out whether some of my site’s older functions still work.

As I got to my “Contact” page, where I link to MTN, a South Africa based telecommunications company, which lets web browsers to send SMS messages to users of GSM mobile phones for free.

As SMS messages are a primary means of communication for me, this service has been a very important way for my friends for contacting me.

But as I now check the functioning of the link, I get to the MTN’s SMS sending page, where I find the following announcement:

Telecom (Italy), Sonera (Finland), Connex (Romania) and Vodafone (Australia) have been removed at their own request.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed at this, especially as Sonera never polled its users on this.

And if what I hear is correct, the reasons for the removal of the support for free SMS services was the bandwith of the Web. Hah! If I had choice here, it would be a good time for Radiolinja to gain a new customer.