Site structure planning with WriteMaps

cover image for Site structure planning with WriteMaps is a handy web-based tool for planning website structures in a mind map -like format. The tool allows for storage and working on the designs in collaborative fashion.


I have been toying for quite a while with the idea that mind maps could be automatically converted to Midgard -compatible site structures, and the JSON format provided by WriteMaps seemed to support the idea.

So, to get your WriteMaps site structure to Midgard do the following:

  • Save your sitemap on the site
  • Click File -> Export local backup
  • Copy the JSON to a local file
  • Run php json_to_structure.php /path/to/my/sitemap.json >
  • Copy the new structure under the config/templates directory of midgard.admin.wizards component
  • Create a new site using your WriteMaps-based structure

I’d love to make this a bit easier, but that would essentially require WriteMaps to provide an API we could hook to.

Get the json_to_structure.php file from Midgard SVN.

Via Ajaxian.

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