Qaiku API brings first clients: Mauku, Gwibber and an XMPP bot

Qaiku's twitter-like API has been one of the first major contributions I've made to the project, and it is great to see some first applications start to use it. Here are some examples:

Mauku is a microblogging client for Maemo. The new Fremantle version supports Qaiku nicely:

Mauku for Maemo 5 displaying my Qaiku

Gwibber is a Linux desktop microblogging client. Qaiku support is now available in the development version:

Gwibber displaying Markdown-formatted Qaikus

There is also an XMPP bot that we're going to launch soon for wider use. This enables you to monitor your mentions or some channels and post via any Jabber client:

QaikuBot in Adium

If you're doing something cool with the API, please let me know! The #Qaiku-api channel is good for usage questions and ideas.

Every now and then people ask me why we're doing Qaiku instead of "just using Twitter". Here are some points why Qaiku just works better:

  • Qaiku culture and features promote more meaningful and threaded discussion - in general, people comment much more than start conversations which is a good sign
  • Qaiku has language tagging and filtering meaning that when I post in Finnish it will not bother my international friends
  • Messages and comments are proper Markdown, reducing ugliness typical of tweets
  • Features like feed import and image sharing are built-in, removing need for external tools
  • Channels, and especially private channels enable us to do workstreaming in Qaiku

If you want to comment, you'll anyway find me both on Qaiku and on Twitter.

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