Previewing Ajatus - the distributed CRM

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While there is no public release yet, I though to give a heads-up on a project we’re working on with Jerry: Ajatus is a distributed, or peer-to-peer CRM system built on top of CouchDb.


What makes Ajatus so special is the approach we’re taking with it. Having with OpenPsa found the traditional, hierarchical CRM approach unworkable we wanted to solve the problem in a different way:

  • Local, rich AJAX client everybody can run on their laptop or internet tablet
  • Replication to allow sharing data with partners, customers and the employer
  • Simple base data types (note, event, contact, ...) that users can customize and extend
  • Possibility to build integration tools and plug-ins in almost any language (with CouchDb's restful JSON interface)
  • Speed

To help us stay on the right path we even wrote an Ajatus Manifesto to guide ourselves.

Currently the software already runs and does pretty much all the basic things needed. Once we get it into state where we can dogfood it (in interoperation with the company OpenPsa) we will make the first release. Until then, stay tuned, check the Git repository and join the talk!

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