Nicer code editing in Asgard

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Asgard is the new administrative interface being built for Midgard. The main objective is to get rid of the legacies of Aegir and SpiderAdmin by replacing them with a smart system that auto-generates admin UIs for all installed MgdSchema types. But small improvements also count, and so we decided to deploy CodePress for code editing:


Syntax highlighting definitely makes life easier when editing site style with a browser. While we were at it, we also decided to guard against PHP parse errors, making it validation rule about it. Now the editing tool refuses to save until errors are fixed (needs localization message, though):


Arttu also went and implemented CodePress for style attachments like CSS, Javascript and XML files:


The Asgard user experience starts to be already quite nice, although the visual outlook could use love and some bugs still remain. I’m quite confident we can ship it as the default admin UI soon.

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