New OpenPSA Campaign Query Tool

Eero has been working on OpenPSA Sales lately to support the CRM deployment Helsinki Business Polytechnic (Helia) is now doing.

Helia will be using OpenPSA for managing all their corporate connections, including students' work orientation periods and their service sales.

However, some of the screens in Sales have been left with quite an industrial look by Eero. One of the worst was the campaign query tool, which is used for searching contacts to be included to a campaign (mass mailing, event registration etc). This query form was quite hideous to begin with, but with addition of some new fields it simply didn't scale.

I've now reorganized it for better clarity:


Previously the query fields were organized quite randomly, but now they're in four separate groups:

  • Area selectors (country, post codes)
  • Company type selectors (business area, number of employees)
  • Connection type selectors (products offered to them, sales project statuses)
  • Result criteria (sorting etc)

Also, the screen now allows direct creation of new campaigns.