Midgard in 2010

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Wow, 2010 was quite a hectic year in the Midgard world. Here is a quick summary:

Patching Midgard Midgard Gathering in Lodz Special-issue Midgard shirts Midgard in aKademy 2010 Midgard Gathering in FSCONS Discussing Midgard and Tracker

Unfortunately at the same time the Midgard developer community has stayed quite small and insular. This will hopefully improve through easier installation, availability of Midgard libraries in Linux distributions and closer collaboration with the rest of the PHP world as a participant of the Zeta Components ecosystem.

We still also need to solve the project governance question of either running our own association or joining a major organization like ASF. The relation between Midgard and the GNOME project on which we heavily rely on should also be clarified.

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