Midgard2 has moved to GitHub

Now that Midgard2 is at Long-Term Supported stage it was time to finally make the jump and migrate our development efforts to happen on top of Git, the fast version control system. To maximize project visibility and enable easy tool access we chose GitHub as the Git hosting provider.


While migrating to Git we also decided to implement the Distributed Version Control model where the MidgardProject account contains "blessed" repositories of various modules of the Midgard2 ecosystem, with development happening in personal clones. Maintainers of Midgard modules will be responsible for merging changes from developers back upstream, based on pull requests. More information can be found from the developer list thread.

You can get started by following the MidgardProject account on GitHub! See also Midgard2 and Midgard MVC on Ohloh.

Midgard1 Ragnaroek maintenance and development will still happen in our old SVN environment and the Trac tool.

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