MidCOM on PHP5, finally

cover image for MidCOM on PHP5, finally

Thanks to the efforts by Solt and Piotras, we finally have the MidCOM, the Midgard Component Framework running on top of PHP 5.1.

Simple MidCOM site running on PHP5

While we got PHP5 support into Midgard already in August 2004, the big issue has been the tens of thousands of lines of code in the MidCOM framework that had several PHP4 constructions.

Now it is possible to run CVS version of Midgard together with Subversion checkout of MidCOM with PHP 5.1. There are still quite a few PHP Notices around, but I’m feeling optimistic that the final releases of Midgard 1.8 and MidCOM 2.6 will support PHP5. And if that happens we can then drop PHP4 support with clear conscience in the 1.9 series.

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