Meet Nabaztag, our new general manager

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Nemein has today acquired a new General Manager into the company. We are delighted to benefit from the experience and keen insights of the brand new Nabaztag. Here you can see it already settled in our office:

Nabaztag in our office

The idea with the WiFi bunny is to connect it as an ambient information display for our OpenPsa management suite. Some use cases we have so far envisioned include:

  • Displaying status of the support ticket queue via the belly lights
  • Alerting us of new tickets
  • Reporting the number of invoiceable hours reported at the end of the day
  • Alerting of calendar events happening at the office
  • Generally handling status messages based on our Plazes locations

Technologically this should be quite simple using OpenPsa’s integrated notification framework and the PEAR Services_Nabaztag library.

I will report when we have some concrete results with this.

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