Lex Nokia: I read your email

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Lex Nokia, the controversial snooping law is about to pass in the Finnish Parliament pretty soon, the latest of a series of clueless, unconstitutional laws passed because our MPs are just hopelessly out of touch with the modern world (well, except one).

This means that soon in addition to the Swedish, any organization providing you an internet connection can listen to anything you do online. Electronic Frontier Finland is trying to fight the law, but it is unlikely that anything good will happen.

And why are our constitutional rights being taken away from us this time? Because Nokia is concerned that their employees perform corporate espionage using their nokia.com email accounts. Come on! How difficult is it to take the data out on a USB stick and mail it from home? At best, this law may help to catch a few idiots, while eroding the rights of all.

I urge everybody owning a business or running a community internet provider to get one of these and wear it to demonstrate people around you what the law means:

I read your email.

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