Learn more about Midgard in FSCONS

FSCONS is the main Nordic conference on free software and free culture, held on October 24th - 26th in Gothenburg, Sweden. The schedule has lots of interesting stuff, including Wikipedia, Embedded Qt, OpenStreetMap and Jabber. But in addition, there will be two sessions on Midgard:

  • Midgard by Henri Bergius: I will be talking about this long-term open source CMS project and describe our technology strategy and the new synchronized development model. This stuff should be interesting not only to LAMP people, but also to GNOME developers, because as you might know, Midgard is not just CMS
  • Midgard Workshop by Tero Heikkinen: after you've learned more about the project, Tero's workshop will be an excellent opportunity to try it hands-on. Depending on attendance we will most likely focus on developer-oriented view at MidCOM3, the high-performance MVC framework that runs on top of Midgard2

In addition to us Finns, the Midgard guys from anykey will also most likely be there.

If you're interested in free software in the North, come to FSCONS. Irrespective where you side with your web technology choices, looking forward to discussing with you!


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