Lack of updates

Bergie apologizes the lack of updates to his website and tries to come up with believable excuses for this one.

Yes I know. I almost promised that this news page would be updated, if not daily, then at least weekly. But still, almost two months have gone by without a single update.

And worse still, my site is still almost completely without content. Sure, you can find my contact information here. But if you are looking for something else, then you won’t find it here. And I find that a sad fact.

However, I have some kind a weak excuse for this. My new job as Stonesoft Corp.’s Webmaster is taking currently so much of my time, that there is no energy left for creating sites on my spare time.

But now, as all Stonesoft’s websites are finally up and running under Midgard, and so my workload gets reduced to a more sane amount, I guess this is about to change.

Last weekend I even had some time for thinking new ways for creating content to these pages.

So, after I have held my vacation at Kilpisjärvi (week 15), and Midgard 1.0 is out, I promise to do at least something to this site. Maybe even a complete overhaul.

We’ll see.

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