Just another day

The day started like just another day. The sky was somewhat cloudy, but cleared up soon. We had a breakfast at the hotel and started our trip towards Bourg-St. Maurice. I have a feeling I’m starting to repeat myself, but once again the roads were a joy to ride and the landscapes truely beautiful. And even if you are getting bored of reading this over and over again, let me assure that we are not even close to getting bored of the driving at the Alps.

We stopped at Bourg-St. Maurice to develop some photos from Bergie’s pictures, and continued to the impressive pass of Colle d. Pice. S. Bernardo leading towards Mont Blanc. Again passing the Italian border was painless, and we just passed through, continuing to the twisty roads. Bergie was letting his triple engine wail and blasted through the curves at speed, while Skoll was more cautious with his heavier Ural.

On the Italian side we considered for a while taking a condola ride the the top of Mont Blanc, but decided against it and pressed for the impressive but expensive 11,6km tunnel that crosses the French border. After the tunnel the ride below the snowy heights of Mont Blanc was pure joy. However, Chamonix proved to be a dissappointment, as it was simply a ski resort with no place to get service for the Ural.

After brief discussion we decided to press towards Geneve in hope of finding a generic motorcycle service shop. The highway down from Chamonix was also surprisingly pleasant with mountain scenery and lots of curves. We dined at a roadside restaurant where we met two girls riding a Harley and a Marauder. They suggested that service shops could be found from Lyon, but we decided against the sidetrack.

The Swiss border went again without hurdles as the border guards just waved us on without seeing our passports. However, we had no luck with the service in Geneve. All the shops we found were either closed for the summer or serviced only a particular brand. The local bikers were however very helpful leading us around the city in look for shops.

After a while we decided to look for a shop elsewhere and found a camping place outside the city. Bergie also had some bike problems as the engine overheat light kept turning on. However, as the light seemed to be connected with electricity use like blinking alongside the indicators a generic electricity problem was suspected.