Halti.com provides contextual product recommendations

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Last week the Finnish outdoor brand Halti launched a pretty interesting web service. While many outdoor brandsĀ focus on extreme sports that don't really have much to do with the reality of most of their customers, Halti connects their product lineup to the needs of the site visitor by utilizing both weather and location. This means where ever they are or are planning to go, they can get product recommendations personalized to their needs:


This is another case of location context being used to serve users better. To figure out where the user is coming from the site uses a combination of IP positioning and browser geolocation, while weather information comes from Foreca's feeds. Map visualization uses CloudMade's OpenStreetMap-based maps. And of course the whole thing runs on the stable Ragnaroek series of Midgard.

In other news, Jos et jaksa is another pretty interesting recent site launch, especially for the fact that it is the first-ever website running on the legacy-free Midgard2 platform and Midgard MVC.

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