Filesystem MidCOM going strong

The filesystem migration of the MidCOM component framework has now progressed enough that it actually powers this site, as reported by the HTML generator meta tag:

Midgard/1.5.0/SG MidCOM/1.9.0+cvs.2004.11.05 PHP/4.3.9-1

If things are going this smoothly, the following will only be needed before we can replace the old MidCOM 1.4.x tree with the mRFC 0006-compliant version:

  • The rest of the components need to be converted
  • midcom-template needs some modifications to the <(code-global)> element(s):
    // We don't need old snippet-based MidCOM
    // mgd_include_snippet("/midcom/midcom");
    // Use midcom-fs instead
    define ('MIDCOM_ROOT', '/path/to/midcom/lib​');
    define ('MIDCOM_STATIC_ROOT', '/path/to/midcom/sta​tic');
    define ('MIDCOM_STATIC_URL', '/midcom-static');
    require(MIDCOM_ROOT . '/midcom.php');
  • We'll need a "midcom-remover" repligard package that will remove the MidCOM snippets from the database and create a compatibility snippet to /midcom/midcom

Torben has reported an approximate 25% performance improvement from the filesystem migration, but we'll have to wait for the siege results.

In the other news...

mRFC 0008, the time-based release process for Midgard entered voting today and passed in 20 minutes. This means that we will implement a release process modeled after the one GNOME project uses. I'll post more about this and other talking points for the Midgard Gathering that will be hosted by AnyKey in Sweden this weekend.

In addition, we helped Taya and Guram from Qartu in Georgia (საქართველო) deploy their first Midgard server last week. They've already had their first customer demos and we're looking forward to helping with them in localizing Midgard to Kartuli.

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