Czech wedding

The star of the morning was the Ural. The previous evening we noticed that we have found the local Tattarisuo (area in Helsinki with lots of car repair etc. places), so we started looking for the velding-place there. In the first place we tried the master didn’t speak any english, but guided us to some other place. After searching the other place for a while, we noticed a car ahead of us with the driver signing to follow him. Having no idea why he asked us to follow him, we did as asked and found our way to a backyard of a local mchanic of some kind. The master of the place had games and devices (pelit ja vehkeet) and in an hour the crashbar was ready for its next crash again.

The trip to Krakow was a bit more than 5 kilometers. We found a guarded parking place and had some kielbasa sausage for breakfast. After that we touristed around the old city, and visited the Wavel castle and its armouries. It was easy to see the splendour of the old Polish kingdom.

After Krakow we decided to continue on the nice, twisty road 780 towards Oswiecim. To our surprise, the Auswich museum was free of charge. There were many bikes on the parking lot, including a clubful of Gold Wings. The actual Auswich camp was a dark place.

After Auswich the Czech border formalities seemed rather pleasant. We continued towards Prague on the again nice and twisty road 11. After Opava it startd raining, persuading us that it was time to turn in for the night. We found a reasonably cheap roadside motel, and stopped there.

Rambo still had his bowels on the fly, and decided to stay in his room. Skoll and Bergie visited the local bar, where a wedding celebration had reached the slow dances stage. We had several glasses of very cheap beer (17 local units, 60 Euro cents), and enjoyed the ramblings of a drunken local Heavy Metal fan (‘My band is …’ over and over again. Unfortunately the language barries prevented further communications with locals.

When walking back to the motel and listening the rain and thunder, it was apparent that staying at the motel - instead of sleeping in a tent as we originally had planned - was a good idea.